Hybrid Systems


Marvin Vollbracht

Hybrid and Slim Floor Structures

Hybrid structures are a current trend in the building industry that greatly increase the sustainability. Building with hybrid structures means in general combining different materials, such as wood, concrete or steel to generate new properties that cannot be achieved by usage of the individual materials itself. For us in Peikko hybrid structures means more than that. When using hybrid structures, buildings of all types and usages can be built very quickly and flexibly. The same can be achieved with prefabricated systems used for slim floor structures. By combining hybrid and slim floor structures, not only the CO2 emissions will be lower, because materials that accommodate low emissions such as wood are used, even the building height can be reduced and as a result the heating and cooling costs will be lower. In addition, such structures can be demounted again, when the lifecycle of a building ends and reused in the same or a different function. These are just a few aspects and advantages of hybrid slim floor structures that will be examined in more detail below. 




Born in 1992, he successfully completed his studies in civil engineering at the University of Kassel in 2018. After completing his studies, he began working at Peikko Deutschland GmbH as a project engineer in the area of ​​composite construction design planning. In addition to the technical professional activities, sales aspects were increasingly added in the following years. As a result, he decided to start further studies in the field of sales and management in 2020. He started a Master of Business Administration at the University of Koblenz Landau in October 2020 with ending it in August 2024. During this time, he led the project management and design planning teams in the company. At the same time, he was responsible for technical sales in the eastern region of germany. In October 2023, he took over management of technical sales in the company.

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